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 Rainbow's Jacket programs.....2019

..........The Intrigue & The Phantom......

1. The Intrigue, $75.00 no pockets, your choice of colours.
2. The Phantom, $85.00 with pockets, your choice of colours.
3. Made of nylon/spandex, soft and durable.....not poly/spandex.
4. The colours will not fade, the material will not shrink.
...Our Dance Studio Jackets, were designed and are sold
    exclusively by Rainbow Fashion,


Rainbow Jacket programs 2018-2019
...........Team Jackets
100% Polyester
Polyester mesh lining, side pockets
Can be used as outerwear.
adult or youth sizes $70.00 including front & back crest

Image result for ATC™ VarCITY TEAM YOUTH JACKET. Y7658

Program Instructions......"how to run a successful jacket campaign."

1. Send us a copy of your Logo:: sales@rainbowfashion94.comm a JPEG, or EPS file will work.
2. We 'll create a special order form for your studio to use..
3. We'll also send you a complete set of sizing samples -  youth small to adult xlarge..
4. Distribute the forms to your dancers & parents..
5. Have the order forms returned to your sudio. Allow about 10 days..
6. Send the order forms to Rainbow Fashion, with payment attached..
7. We'll ship your finished orders individually packaged in about 3 to 4 weeks..

Glitter Cresting: will not fade, or wash off, know the difference
........this cresting is permanent

   Glitter cresting adds a different dimention to your studio jackets,
                                       1. It's bright, and reflective,
                                       2. Your studio crest has never looked so good.
                                       3. Dancers love it! You'll look smashing during awards......on stage.
                                       4.The cresting is permanent: it will not fade or lose it's brilliance
                                           after multiple washings.